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Why choose Natural and Organic Skincare?

Organza Natural Skincare has a unique line of natural / organic cosmetic range therefore choosing a natural or organic skincare routine has never been easier. If you are thinking of incorporating more natural skincare products into your beauty regime, remember that skin simply needs quality products that will enhance its natural functions. After all, your skin is what you feed it and Organza have many ingredients to start a beautiful natural self-care.

There are lots of reasons why all of us should seek more natural alternatives when it comes to cosmetic products. If you care about your general wellbeing you should choose products that are natural or organic when possible. But what are the actual benefits then? Well, first of all, in natural or organic products there are significantly less, or they are completely free of, potentially toxic ingredients which may harm you or the environment.

Second, these products are free from artificial colours and fragrances. Instead the colour and beautiful smell are derived from nature’s own sources such as coconut oil, mango, papaya, lemon or mandarin oils, just to mention few.

Third, skin is our largest organ and is there to protect us. It has been researched that more than 50% of what we apply onto our skin may be absorbed into our bloodstream. Since, the ingredients in natural and organic products are coming from the nature and are therefore purer; there is smaller risk of allergies, skin irritations or any other reactions that might harm you. In addition, because the ingredients of the natural and organic products come from the nature, there is no need to test them on animals, and in Simply Natural we are strictly against animal testing.

By choosing natural and organic products you can impact positively, not only to your own health and wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of the whole environment and your loved ones. The average woman’s beauty routine is exposing her to 100’s of different chemicals every day. Men are exposed to less of these products, but on average men use 6 products a day, making them exposed to up to 80 chemicals a day. We would be so much better off if we could lower this number significantly. Phtalates and Paraben free products cause less harm to your skin and improves the structure long term. Natural ingredients are effective, they nourish and sustain, keeping things simple and long term effective.